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Fanny Chevalier Mueller, DPLG


Born in Caen, France. Fanny has worked in NYC since 1996 after graduating from L'Ecole d'Architecture Paris-La Seine, UP 9 in Les Beaux-Arts, Paris.


For most of her life, Fanny has lived on the construction site. From the multiple construction projects in her personal life to the projects of her clients, Fanny's passion is seeing the execution and realization of her design. Fanny thrives to provide her clients with a result that meets their combined expectations.


We firmly believe that the physical environment affects our quality of life, and we place importance in providing a balance between light, space, proportion, and nature in every project we undertake. 
We view the design process as a collaboration our clients.  Our goal is to find solutions that are not only artistic, functional, and economical, but also address the client's specific needs and desires.
As I have traversed through the construction process multiple times in my own personal life, I have the vision, the passion, and the ability to share in this adventure in improving your own quality of life.



Zoning and Site Analysis

Project Programming Development

Architectural Design for New Buildings, Additions, or Alterations

Construction Documentation

Construction Contract Administration

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